Facial Descriptions & Prices


OxyGeneo Facial 

The OxyGeneo 3-in-1 super facial machine delivers results. Exfoliate, oxygenate, and infuse to reveal freshly polished, healthy, glowing, hydrated, and smooth skin.  The oxy pods exfoliate the skin on the surface and produce CO2 rich bubbles forcing your body to send increased oxygen to the skin’s surface resulting in healthier glowing skin. Ultrasound stimulates micro-vibrations in the skin to enhance the penetration of serums which helps stimulate new collagen improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.  A neo-massage instantly reduces redness and puffiness while infusing the serums further into your skin.  A relaxing hydro-jelly peel off mask finishes the treatment leaving your skin hydrated and nourished while you enjoy a shoulder, hand, and foot massage. See and feel a difference after 1 treatment. No downtime!

60 mins



Microneedling delivers visible results in skin’s texture and health. It stimulates collagen production to thicken and plump thin, aging skin. It noticeably reduces pore size, smooths uneven texture from scars and acne scars, and immediately hydrates the skin. After cleansing, an enzyme peel to digest dead skin cells and a multi fruit acid peel to further eliminate dead layers prep the skin for microneedling stimulation and infusion of serums. A CBD, hyaluronic acid, and peptide serum is combined with additional serums suited to your skin concerns which are infused into the skin during the microneedling process. A Hydro Jelly mask and Red LED light therapy help soothe and reduce inflammation. It is normal for skin to feel slightly tender, windburned, or chapped following the treatment. Numbing cream must be applied 30 mins prior to appt for comfort. It’s recommended to wear a hat after the treatment as sunscreen (and makeup) cannot be applied for 2 days post microneedling.

**NOTE for Fillers and Botox Injections combined with Microneedling:  AFTER FILLERS AND BOTOX wait 2 weeks before Microneedling.  AFTER MICRONEEDLING wait 1 week before Fillers and Botox

90 mins


NoTox Firming Facial

Target fine lines and expression wrinkles with this botox-like treatment.  Start with cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, and extractions as needed.  Follow with LED red light therapy for collagen and elastin stimulation as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.  A peptide-rich face, neck, and decollete massage.  Finally the contour mask is applied to the face, neck, and decollete to tighten the skin and slow muscle contractions that deepen expression lines while the shoulders, hands and feet are massaged.

*Recommend Add-On Micro Current Stimulation for extra lift $45 extra

60 mins


LED Light Therapy Mini Treatment

LED Light Therapy is highly effective at treating acne (Blue Light), decreasing inflammation, anti-aging by increasing fibroblast proliferation and increasing collagen synthesis (Red Light).  This mini treatment is a perfect way to let the magic of LED give your skin a boost between more hands on treatments. Treatment includes cleansing, light therapy, and finishing serums, moisturizers, and SPF. **Especially great for inflamed acne**.

30 mins


LED Light Therapy Mini Treatment 6-pack Bundle

A great way to treat your skin with LED light therapy at an amazing bundled discount. 6 – 30 minute sessions.  Single treatment $45/session – Bundled discount $33/session.  Sessions recommended weekly or twice per week for best results.  Excellent for acne treatments (Blue light kills the acne bacteria living in the pores), and reducing inflammation, treating aging concerns: wrinkles, redness, sagging skin (Red Light).

6 session / 30 mins each



-Dermodality Layering Chemical Peels-

Pumpkin Peel 

Dermodality’s chemical peel line can layer multiple peels in the same treatment to range in intensity from mild to deep peels.  All peels start with the pumpkin peel as the base. Pumpkin Peel can be used alone or with level 1,2, and/or 3 peels as well. This delicious smelling facial treat utilizes nature’s goodness to exfoliate your dead surface skin cells and penetrate clogged pores. Pumpkin Peel Facial delivers anti-oxidants to protect and repair your skin. Excellent choice for a first time peel. Must start with level 1 peels before moving into level 2 and 3 deeper peels.

Treatment 30 mins (cleanse, peel, mask)
Facial 60 mins (cleanse, peel, extractions, massage, mask)


+ $20 Mandelic Acid Peel – for sensitive or breakout prone skin types

+ $20 C-Vitality Peel – for normal or mature skin types

+ $20 Intensive Brightening Peel – for pigmented, oily, or breakout prone skin types


+ $25 Blemish 20 peel – 20% salicylic acid peel for acne-prone skin types

+ $30 Retinol 10 Cascade Peel – 10% retinol peel for pigmentation, collagen production stimulation, anti-aging

+ $30 Retinol 15/15 Long Island – 15% retinol and lactic acid peel  for pigmentation, collagen production stimulation, anti-aging 


**skin must be on a retinol homecare routine and have had level 1 and level 2 peels prior to a level 3 peel for safety and best results** 

$145 Jessner Peel – Layered peel includes Pumpkin Peel layer, Jessner Peel layer(s), and Retinol 15/15 layer, great choice for acneic skin types and acne scars, deep peel, NOT a first time peel

$145 TCA Peel – Layered peel includes Pumpkin Peel layer, TCA layer(s), and Retinol 15/15 layer,  lightens hyper-pigmentation, smooths and refines skin texture, stimulates collagen production, anti-aging, deep peel, NOT a first time peel


-Resurfacing Facials-


This treatment is a safe and effective physical exfoliation of the surface layers of skin. Mircrodermabrasion Facial refines the skin’s uneven texture while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Applicable for most skin types, especially those with acne scarring, sun-damage, or hyper-pigmentation.

Treatment 30 mins (cleanse, microderm exfoliation, mask)

Facial 60 mins (cleanse, microderm exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask)

Series of 6- Buy 5 get 1 Free : sessions must be completed 1-2 weeks apart for free 6th session

Mixed Fruit Acid Chemical Peel 

Fruit acids and enzymes work great to correct and heal breakouts and prevent new ones from occurring.  Light but effective peel with no downtime.

Treatment 30 mins (cleanse, peel, mask)
Facial 60 mins (cleanse, peel, extractions, massage, mask)


-Guinot Facials-

Age Summum Facial

A Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid anti-aging boost to the skin. Specifically targeted massage movements to plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles and reduce signs of aging. Great for aging or dehydrated skin types.

50 mins


Hydradermie Facial

This treatment can be customized to address a wide variety of skin concerns; anti-aging, breakout-prone, hyper-pigmentation, dehydrated, and sensitive skin types. Utilizing Galvanic Electrical Current to deep cleanse, plump fine lines and wrinkles, calm inflammation and super hydrate the skin. Oxygenation of the skin is achieved thru High Frequency which has an antibacterial affect to combat any breakouts. Your skin is left glowing.
75 mins

Hydradermie Plus Facial

This treatment includes all the benefits of the Hydradermie, plus extra steps to address anti-aging of the eyes and neck.
75 mins

Hydradermie Lift (Micro-Current) Facial

A dramatic lifting facial treatment. Lymphatic drainage eliminates toxins while Micro-Current firms and tones facial muscles. Weakened muscle fibers are stimulated leaving your skin dramatically re-sculpted and lifted. Skin is left visibly lifted and more youthful.

**BOTOX NOTE:  Micro-Current can be combined with Botox, but must be done BEFORE BOTOX injections. If micro-current is performed after recent Botox injections it will stimulate your muscles and nerves thereby breaking down the paralytic affect of the Botox. Best results when micro-current is performed 1st to lift, then followed by Botox to hold in place.
75 mins

Hydradermie Lift (Micro-Current) Facial Treatment Series

Want a facelift without the pain and recovery? Then this series is for you! This series is compromised of 6 sessions over a 2-3 week period and will leave you looking like you turned back the hands of time. This treatment series is designed to re-educate your facial muscles in a condensed period of time which ensures lasting results. Skin is left tightened and firmed all over. Most notably lifting of the brows, smoothing and lifting of the eye area, lifting in the apples of cheeks and jawline, and firming of the neck.

Series Schedule: treatments 1-4 days apart, spanning 2-3 weeks

Treatments 1 and 6:
Full facials 75 mins- cleansing, mild exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, micro-current, massage, treatment mask, moisturizer and SPF

Treatments 2-5:
Mini facials 30 mins- cleansing, lymphatic drainage, micro-current, moisturizer and SPF

Series of 6


-Basic Facials-

Acne Facial

Struggling with acne at any age is frustrating.  Reducing inflammation, controlling the over-active acne bacteria in the pores, and extracting impacted pores in this treatment will help get your skin under control. This facial will use a mix of enzyme or fruit acid exfoliants, extractions, LED Blue Light to kill the acne bacteria, acne-fighting serums, and soothing anti-inflammatory and decongesting mask. Appropriate home care products are recommended to achieve best results.
60 mins

Teen Facial

Deep pore cleansing banishes blackheads and clogged pores with the treatment for congested skin. Exfoliation helps get rid of the build up of dead skin cells which trap bacteria. Treatments recommended every 1-2 weeks until breakouts under control. Best results seen when used in conjunction with recommended home care products
60 mins

Mini Facial

A mini facial treat when you don’t have time for a full hour. It includes cleansing, light exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage and mask.
30 mins


-Add-On Treatments-

Add-On Hydro Jelly Mask

Boost your facial treatment with a luxurious and hydrating hydro jelly peel off mask.  Hydro Jelly masks are available in a variety of choices to address your specific skin care needs; anti-aging, brightening, calming, hydrating, detoxifying, acne fighting, collagen stimulating, antioxidant, etc.  **Please note hydrojelly masks are already included in OxyGeneo and Microneedling treatments.  Not recommended to add-on to deeper peels such as Retinols, Jessner, or TCA as the peel is worn home as the final layer -or-  the Age Summum facial which has its own specific sheet mask.


Add-On Collagen Hand & Foot Mask

Hands and feet need some extra love? Add this hydrating, collagen boosting mask to any service for an extra treat. Glove and booty sheet masks enclose the hands and feet and leave skin noticeably softer.


Add-On LED Light Therapy 

LED Light Therapy is highly effective at treating acne (Blue Light), decreasing inflammation, anti-aging by increasing fibroblast proliferation and increasing collagen synthesis (Red Light).  Add to any treatment

15 mins


Add-On Ultrasound Therapy 

Intensify a serum’s active ingredients by infusing them deeper into your skin thru ultrasound technology. Ultrasound travels below the surface of the skin to stimulate the creation of new collagen helping to improve skin’s firmness and elasticity.
15 mins

Add-On Micro-Current 

Electric currents lift and re-sculpt to reverse the signs of aging.  It effectively tones and firms facial muscle fiber by re-educating weakened facial muscles to visibly lift and smooth the skin.  Best results seen in a series. (for Botox users see note above in Hydradermie Lift Micro-Current Facial).

20 mins




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